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Risk-Based Ship Design - Shared screen with speaker view
Rasmus Kjeldsen
In terms of development time, Offshore Wind Farm projects seems to be a better fit for comparison. From prelimenary investigations to delivered wind farm is about 5 years. It is also a very variable and complex process, with lots of pre-contract signing engineering, where unforseen factors scrambling your schedule are a given.Perhaps Swire Blue Ocean, based in ├śrestad, could be persuaded to share their perspective on risk based design (offshore operations) in a future event?
Jeppe S. Juhl
Thank you Rasmus, your comments are much appreciated and we will keep that in mind at our next planning meeting - Good idea!!
Rasmus Kjeldsen
I am sure that I can find a colleague or two from ├śrsted who would be happy to provide perspectives on the process as well. :-)
Jeppe S. Juhl
Super, many thanks!
Jeppe S. Juhl
Thank you Robert, good comments